Required materials


Cheapest way is to buy a standard Floppy Drive Controller (FDC) cable that has a 34 flat cable and a 3.5" female connector. Remove all connectors and reduce the cable with a sharp knife to 26 cables - do not remove the blue sided cable that marks number 1 and save at least 4 cables for the power supply. Mount the 26 pins connector (the PCW side) with the blue side attached to pin 1: all others ascending... Then separate the first six (6) bundled cables on the PC side for a distance of about 3 centimetres. Open the 3.5" connector and identify the numbering of the pins. Press the first set of 6 cables on pins 8-13 and the second set of 19 cables on 16-34. Use a pair of pliers (there is special equipment for these jobs) to secure that all cables are pressed in the V-shaped teeth of the pins and make contact.

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