Tested drives

In theory any double sided, double density, 80 track Shugart compatible drive (better known as a 720kb drive) should work on the Amstrad PCW. However, the PCW's hardware needs a properly implemented Ready signal. As most PC's are very tolerant towards this signal, suppliers have become sloppy in their support of this Ready signal. The statement from the supplier that its drive supports the Ready signal means nothing: play on safe. The models below have been tested to work on a PCW - do not buy another model. You can test a different type without retaliation from the Amstrad (no possibility of damage - except for the power supply) but if it doesn't work: forget it!

Tested drives on the PCW, with their jumper settings, are:

The 235HF is TEAC's current model, switchable from 1.44 mb to 720 kb (settings for the PCW). Upon replacement by a newer model, ask for the successor stressing the importance of the READY signal. Check with the importer and ask for a money-back guarantee!

Information obtained through fellow PCW users (not tested by the JCC):

The drives below have been successfully connected to a PCW by Mike Mackenzie:

The following drive has been reported incompatible by Mike Mackenzie, due to the inability to provide a ready signal:

The following drive has been reported incompatible by Geoff Winkless, due to the inability to provide a ready signal:

The FDHF-6391 (out of production), FD235HF-65xx (out of production), and FD235HF-75xx should work, according to Geoff Winkless.

The following drives have been reported to function by Robin Commander:

According to Tomasz Minkiewicz, the following models work fine:

According to Hauke Hagenhoff, the following models work with a CPC:

Note that, if the disc drive works on a CPC, it also works fine with a PCW.

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