Joyce Computer Club Public Domain

I am working to put all of the JCC Public Domain Disks on the Internet, together with an index of the PD disks that are carried by us plus a selection of what I think to be goodies.

Watch for the files marked with *NEW*, these have been added since the last update.

The present selection is available in 1.10 .ZIP-archived format, which is CP/M compatible: UNZIP.COM for CP/M is listed below. The essential parts of the programs are in English (sometimes translated from other languages - pardon me the syntax, they were translated quick & dirty). Any addresses found in the files are definitely outdated! All programs run on, at least, the PCW 8256/8512 using CP/M 3.0 and the JOYCE emulator by John Elliott. External links open in a new window.

Clip art

  1. Disc 9 6 Pages with Stop Press pictures: funny animals, cartoons, Christmas and Eastern themes. Zipped as individual files in a ZIP archive (97,352 bytes - unzipped 360kb).
  2. Disc 18 10 MicroDesign MDF font files plus several graphic patterns. Zipped as individual files in a ZIP archive (114,669 bytes - unzipped 316kb).
  3. Disc 20 10 MicroDesign MDA clip art files in A4 format, featuring: ships, Holland, communication, memo's, vegetables & fruit, flowers, arrows and more. Zipped as individual files in a ZIP archive (422,012 bytes - unzipped 672kb).
  4. Disc 21 9 MDA clip art files in A4 format, featuring: pin-ups, money, symbols, kitchen, sports, cartoons etc.. Over 200 pictures zipped as individual files in a ZIP archive (342,897 bytes - unzipped 609kb).
  5. Disk 22 MDA clip art files: five super large fonts for CUT/PASTE operations: full alphabet supplied. Zipped as individual files in a ZIP archive (332,851 bytes - unzipped 616kb).
  6. Disk 23 MDA clip art files: 14 pin-ups. Zipped as individual files in a ZIP archive (329,420 bytes - unzipped 684kb).
  7. Disk 24 59 MDA clip art files: the office (1) (320,919 bytes - unzipped 660kb).
  8. Disk 25 62 MDA clip art files: the office (2) (283,377 bytes - unzipped 696kb).
  9. Disk 26 29 MDA clip art files: cats (486,928 bytes - unzipped 668kb).
  10. Disk 27 18 MDA clip art files: horses (468,970 bytes - unzipped 636kb).
  11. Disk 28 20 MDA clip art files: dogs (560,682 bytes- unzipped 694kb).
  12. Disk 29 58 MDA clip art files: insects (459,042 bytes - unzipped 696kb).
  13. Disk 33 Printmaster for creating posters, letter headings, greeting cards and calendars (142,403 bytes - unzipped 295kb).
  14. Disk 34 Printmaster Toolkit: utilities and graphics libraries (218,074 bytes - unzipped 415kb).
  15. Disk 36 LetaFont/LetaEdit (77,838 bytes - unzipped 140kb).
  16. Disk 40 *NEW* Qterm communications package v4.3F in PCW patched version (219,820 bytes - unzipped 321kb). Contains ARK and LBR archives (thus needs disk 41).
  17. Disk 41 *NEW* a variety of unpackers, uncrunchers and archive tools (159,171 bytes - unzipped 304kb).
  18. Disk 50 Characters. Several font editors and managers (166,967 bytes - unzipped 402kb).
  19. Disk 51/52 Extract from disks 51 and 52: Euro implemenatation in LocoScript 2.28a English, 2.16H German and CP/M 3.0. (77,355 bytes - unzipped 92,369). Improved June 16.
  20. Index of the JCC Public Domain. ASCII text (11kb).

MS Dos programs (PCW related):

  1. EURO1.ZIP (1,396 bytes). Disk definition file for use with the Sydex 22DISK v1.44 conversion program, containing 24 of the common (CF2 and CF2DD) and less common (SF2DD and XF2DD by me, all others by H. Junkunz) PCW disk formats. To implement first make a backup of the original CPMDISKS.DEF file, then use the GENINDEX tool to create a new CPMDISKS.DEF file from the PCW.DEF file (add the contents or create a new file) and start CMENU.
    Sydex has removed 22DISK from public distribution but continues to sell it (unsupported license USD 25). Contact for further details on 22DISK (links opens in a new window). Download 22DSK144.ZIP (232,479 bytes).
  2. PKZ110.EXE (149,248 bytes). Last MS Dos version of PKZIP/PKUNZIP that is compatible with CP/M.
  3. (various sizes). A link (opens in a new window) to the outstanding JOYCE PCW emulator for MS Dos by John Elliott. Does require CP/M+ and LocoScript v3 bootable disks in 3.5" format for installation. Harddisk, mouse and parallel support. Import and export from/to MS Dos possible, etcetera etcetera (check his page for further details and other great PCW related programs like MS Oddball and more).
  4. M.E.S.S. (beta version 3.7b5b 1,240,818 bytes). Multi Emulator Super System. Emulator for various computer systems (runs on DOS), among others the PCW series, including the PCW 16 (latest beta version).
  5. MSKERMIT.ZIP (73,910 bytes). Kermit 3.0 1990. Suitable for use with the PCW version of Kermit on a null-modem connection.
  6. WSCNVN.ZIP (36,394 bytes). Excellent utility to translate WordStar documents into ASCII: perfect for the annoying manuals in WordStar!
  7. WSTXT.ZIP (13,334 bytes). Utilities to convert WordStar documents to ASCII (and the other way around). Actually, WSCNVN is better, but this one comes with the C source codes!
  8. CF2.ZIP (122,909 bytes). Empty DSK disk image of a CF2 (for use with the JOYCE emulator).
  9. CF2DD.ZIP (369,660 bytes). Empty DSK disk image of a CF2DD (for use with the JOYCE emulator).

CP/M utilities & tools (.COM command files)

  1. NEW DIGICLOK.COM (3,968 bytes). A toy program that illustrates the loading of a BASIC listing and its associated RSX in the same file. I came up with the idea while doing development work for Dave’s Disc Doctor Service*. In the first instance the RSX and the listing had to be loaded separately. DGCLOKAE.COM includes a SUBmit file which details all the steps needed to complete DIGICLOK.COM. If you want to do your own assembly and are short of the files needed from side 3 of the original system disc, I can help. The loader file is non-specific provided the variable prgend is correctly installed in the two files. Any 8 character filename ending in BAS will do for the temporary file written to M: drive. Self-extracting program(s) for CP/M: do not run on a PC! @ Stephen Younger
  2. NEW DGCLOKAE.COM (10,240 bytes). Contains source files written to use some of those utilities from side 3 of the original system disc that have the User Guide footnotes: ‘This utility is not covered any further in this manual.’ If you blow the dust off side three and extract as appropriate the files mentioned in the SUBmit file in the collection you will be able to build your own copy of DIGICLOK.COM from scratch. Self-extracting program(s) for CP/M: do not run on a PC! @ Stephen Younger
  3. REMOVED because of errors with Google URL validation and available on request via the guest book from now: TIMEAE.COM (9,088 bytes). A date program which sets date and time under CP/M. The program as written will run out of steam in 2077 but the source code is available as a .Mac file. Includes a brief description of TIME.COM as well as the program itself and the source code. The program carries the current year so that the need to re-enter it is infrequent. Self-extracting program(s) for CP/M: do not run on a PC! @ Stephen Younger
  4. UNZIP.COM (3,328 bytes). Unzip for the PCW, can be used to extract .ZIP files (up to version 1.10). Not archived: do not run on a PC!
  5. ARCOPY.ZIP (10,674 bytes - 22,278). Sophisticated copying utility: not a full replacement of PIP (because PIP is more than a copying-program), but it has some great features. Besides the odd copying it features: moving files, copying with (mass) renaming, backing up changed files (modified since last back up) and more. Can be operated through PIP or COPY, MS-Dos style, command syntax. Documentation included.
  6. COPY.ZIP (10,674 bytes - 18,334). Another copying program, that allows backing up of changed files, renaming while copying and verification of files. Supports single-drive systems as the most PCW's are. Uses MS-Dos style command syntax only (i.e.: "COPY A:source M:destination"). Documentation included.
  7. DIRFILES.ZIP (1,477 bytes). Creates and lists and file containing the names and descriptions of all files on a disk.
  8. DISCMON.ZIP (16,124 bytes). Menu-driven disc monitor/editor. By M. Vermeulen, FTL Modula2 source code available.
  9. DISCTOOL.ZIP (23,444 bytes). Full replacement for DISCKIT: copying, verifying and formatting in 16 different formats with up to 16% more capacity. Menu-driven. By M. Vermeulen, FTL Modula2 source code available. Do not use on JOYCE emulator!
  10. FILEMON.ZIP (19,873 bytes). Menu-driven file monitor. By M. Vermeulen, FTL Modula2 source code available.
  11. FILT7A.ZIP (4,491 bytes). Excellent utility to translate WordStar documents into ASCII: perfect for the annoying manuals in WordStar!
  12. JTN.ZIP (18,682 bytes). Menu-driven disc utility (2.08N, originally: JT, written in Pascal by W. Otternberg) that is more user-friendly than NSWEEP. Besides the obvious features: supports RS232/Centronics interface, file-marking for mass operations, multiple file-sort options, shows disk mapping and PCW character table, offers vowel-mutation conversion and hard copies of directories. Translated in Dutch.
  13. JTE210GM.ZIP (13,924 bytes). Modified JT 2.10E/GEM, supports GEM harddisk (A, B, C, D, E, F, M). In English.
  14. JTE210GM source code (10,768 bytes), Turbo Pascal source code for the above program. See Software page too.
  15. JTN210GM.ZIP (13,981 bytes). 2.10N/GEM, as above, in Dutch.
  16. KERMPCW.ZIP (15,081 bytes). Kermit-80 version 4.08. Patched for use with the Amstrad PCW and a SIO serial interface to make a null-modem connection with another computer. See also the DOS program MS Kermit.
  17. LOCOCON.ZIP (14,013 bytes). LocoCon 2.04 (English version). W. Otternberg 1988. Viewer program for LocoScript v1.x files with some neat conversion features. Pascal source code available, tested on 9000 and 10 series and the JOYCE emulator too.
  18. LOCOCON source code (10,792 bytes). Turbo Pascal source code for the above program. See Software page too.
  19. NSWEEP.ZIP (7,591 bytes). Famous disk utility (standard CP/M version) that replaces most of the standard CP/M utilities: great mass operations feature.
  20. SHELL.ZIP (4,328 bytes). Menu-driven shell CP/M utility, simple but sometimes effective. [ALT]+[C] to end.
  21. SPEEDER.ZIP (290 bytes). Utility that speeds up the disc drive (note: if the increased noise of the drive bothers you, rebooting the PCW or running the included UNSPEED will restore the original speed).
  22. UNERA.ZIP (914 bytes). Undelete utility that can unerase files from a CF2 (173kb A drive disc - PCW 8256/8512). Not written or guaranteed for use on a CF2DD disk (706/720 disc for B drive 8256/8512 or A drive on later PCW models) but proven over and over again on these disks, larger files included. Requirements: 1) you do need to know the name of the file you have erased and 2) you may not write on the disk before unerasing the file, otherwise that file (to unerase) may be overwritten (so use UNERA from another drive, like M).

    A small elaboration: LocoScript and CP/M never erase files actually: that would take too much time for the computer. They simply mark the file so that it may be overwritten when disk space is required and that it should no longer be included in directory listings. By removing the 'deleted' mark from the file it can be used again, as long as the file is still present and have not been overwritten. You can do this manually (see the 3" Bible page 2, the section on the first part of the directory entry: code E5) with a disc editor or have UNERA do it for you. Do note that this unerasing business does not equal the Limbo feature from LocoScript. Limbo is a feature that copies the file into one of the Groups not shown by LocoScript (there are 16 - only 8 are displayed in the Disc Manager). So Limbo is a back-up feature: UNERA restores the original. With Limbo you need to known the original Group number the file was stored in and then add 8. By recovering from Limbo in Group 1, the copy from Group 9 --when available-- is restored. If Limbo does not work, UNERA might still do the job or the other way around. In case of doubt, try both: UNERA first and Limbo if that does not work. Again: never write on a disk before the unerase or restore Limbo operations have completed!
  23. UNSOFT11.ZIP (4,749 bytes). Another utility to translate WordStar documents into ASCII: perfect for the annoying manuals in WordStar!
  24. UPCASE10.ZIP (1,934 bytes - 2,859). Three useful utilities, Filter10 (to strip the high bit character from WordStar text), LOCASE10 (to convert all text to lower case) and UPCASE10 (to convert all text to upper case).
  25. VARIO.ZIP (7,420 bytes). Simple utility that allows bitmap or text only screendumps [EXTRA]+[PTR] to be printed in landscape or directed to another printer. Landscape A4 PCW8256/8512 and Star NLQ (Epson FX) printer drivers included. Malfunctions on JOYCE emulator. See also the DUMP.BAS utility on the BASIC page.
  26. VDE23.ZIP (30,767 bytes). Tiny text editor (10k) for editing small files. The maximum size is determined by the available memory. Pretty large command set and extensive manual (50k unzipped). Plus installation program for installation of printer strings, macro's, terminal settings and other patching (already patched for the PCW). Ideal for editing among others SUBMIT files and program source code.
  27. WCOUNT.ZIP (2,574 bytes). Word counter that reports the number of lines and words in an ASCII document. LocoScript can create such ASCII texts (do note that the Widows&Orphans settings in text may cause differences between WCOUNT and the actual number you would manually count!).
  28. WSCON10.ZIP (13,826 bytes). Third WordStar conversion tool (to ASCII), this one with the CBASIC source code included.
  29. Also see the PCW CD-Rom page.

CP/M graphics (.COM command files)

  1. MANDEL.ZIP (36,958 bytes). Mandelbrot graphics generator, tool and standard Mandelbrot file.
  2. MANDEL1.ZIP (97,636 bytes). 13 Mandelbrot example files.
  3. Source code (20,276 bytes), example programs for the weather-devices on the DIY-pages, CPC International. The graphics routines and examples (Lissajous pictures) are universal, though. See the Software page too.
  4. Lissajous (11,617 bytes), compiled example program of the above graphics routines.

CP/M Games (.COM command files)

  1. Quatris (21,027 bytes - 34,087), the CP/M version of Tetris: fast action! Installed as "Zenith" terminal which will work on a PCW.
  2. Ladder (44,746 bytes), a Donkey Kong type game. Meagre graphics but perfect action. Presently configured as terminal DEC VT-52 (for Amstrad PCW), keys: Q=up, A=down, O=left, P=right (can easily be changed).


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