A CD was available with files specific for the Amstrad/Schneider PCW series. Distributed by P.D. Blake (no details on the CD here, though), containing over 4,500 files of PCW software, including all of his commercial titles and around two hundred PD and Freeware titles. There is also a large amount of Microdesign material and just about every programming language and utility available for the PCW. Potentially outdated contact details:

32 Sample avenue
HU17 9DW
United Kingdom.

Downloadable index of the CD

  1. PCWCD.ZIP (46,242 bytes, unzipped 395,884 bytes).

As this is a CD-Rom disc you do need a PC with a CD player and access to an emulator for the PCW, or the hard- and/or software to copy the files to a PCW. The exact way to download this file depends on the browser and system software you are using.


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