Do-it-yourself layouts

A quick page, containing some .JPG scans of electronics layouts for constructing PCW add-ons. This page will be enhanced in time but does present useable scans at present. Some of these layouts were published in the time of the 8000-series and no guarantees are given regarding the compatibility with the 9000 models! Do read the disclaimer up frontů

The 8000 series service manual in English and German (PDF file: 1.841.143 bytes). Low resolution but nevertheless readable.

A RetroWiFiModem project for building an Amstrad PCW8256/8512 Wifi Modem, most notably without the need for an additional RS232 interface such as the CPS8256.

Extended DIY-instructions for external drives on a PCW (40/80 tracks switching plus faking READY signal).

A simple RS232 layout.

Bus board system: basics.

An extended RS232 layout, based on the bus board system.

An analogue-to-digital converter, based on the bus board system.

Extended analogue-to-digital converting, based on the bus board system.

A clock, based on the bus board system.

A synthesiser, based on the bus board system.

Using a second monitor on the PCW.

A 3x8 bits parallel port: the following JPEG's are in German.

A joystick adapter (German, plus English translation).

Brightness control.

Power supply protector (German, plus English translation).

Reset switch (German, plus English translation).

Weather devices (German, article and software to be translated: fits the German 3x8 bits parallel interface ideally)


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